Loves to play video games but does poorly online.

I'm a game designer and developer from Taiwan. I majored in EECS in National Chiao Tung University and received a degree of B.E. upon graduation. Currently I am a graduate student at the Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University. For this semester my role is mainly sound design, but I am also capable of programming.

I found my interest in game design during my junior year in college, and has since then been seeking constantly for opportunities to get involved with the game-dev world. Currently my experience game design (VR/AR in particular), sound design and creative / art directing.

In my free time I watch movies, listen to soundtracks and play video games. Through exposing myself into various genres of media, I strive to broaden my horizons and hope that I can always bring something new to my design and my future projects.

886-911-325-006 (TW)

1-412-403-3152 (US)

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