Game Projects

After They Went Interstellar

Imagine being left on a suffocating world.

Independent Project


  • An explore-investigate short demo that depicts the events that take place in the universe of Interstellar.

  • Wrote a 10-minute story where the player discovers himself being left on Earth to suffocate.

  • On halt due to technical challenges.

I am a big fan of Interstellar. The setting of the story and how Nolan carried it out deeply fascinates me. The emotions of characters, the desperation, hope and struggle to prolong humanity were crucial parts of the film that attracted me the most.

After I retired from the military and finally had some spare time, I decided to work on something individually and see how much I can do with one game, thus this independent project was born.

The story's events take place in the same world as Interstellar's, after Cooper successfully transmitted quantum data to his daughter and before human left Earth. In this world, people were informed that they will all be able to evacuate the planet at the cost of extra wealth paid monthly.

The protagonist is a mailman who delivers mail to the same family, for the government regarding monthly bills and notices from the Human Extraterrestrial Landing Program (H.E.L.P.). One day he discovers the family stopped checking mail from the mailbox, and decides to take a step forward to check out what has happened to the family.

Soon, he will only find a dead father in his chambers, and the truth that due to lack of fund and space, he is quietly designated to be left on Earth and die. In the end, he rushes out the front door, and watch the last evacuating ship leave the surface of a doomed planet.

The game is titled "After They Went Interstellar" reflects how much I anticipate for the continuing development of the story, and this project is merely a prologue, a playable demo, to an entire game.

Sadly in the end, I was bounded by my knowledge in optimization and eventually ran out of interest and motivation to keep going on; but I had a lot of fun writing the story, designing and implementing everything in this game. I also enjoyed tuning the light in my scene - it was beautiful!

Although this project could not see its completion, I kept a document here (or you can find it at the top of this page) that has all the plans and details I had for this game.