Game Projects

ETC 2020 Museum

A journey back to the beginning.

Additional Art Assets: Shawn Dong-hyun Kang


  • A VR social world built for CMUETC's commencement for Class 2020.

  • Designed, implemented and optimized the whole world.

  • A social space aimed to create a heart-touching and personal experience.

Welcome to the ETC 2020 Museum. This is a virtual world built on the VRChat platform, and players can visit either with a VR setup, an Oculus Quest, or with their PCs. This social space was built to celebrate the commencement of Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center's Class of 2020. As a game designer in these trying times, there's nothing better than celebrating this joyful moment with a VR experience.

"Look back. Know the long distance that you've walked and endured, and be proud of yourself." This idea of self-affirmation is what I've always kept in mind when designing the experience. It shouldn't be just a normal "party space"; it should be a space that allows guests to celebrate for themselves.

The event saw a peak of 30+ish guests coming in, and all of them loved the experience. People compared about their skills now and before, danced to the music they'd composed two years ago, and took selfies with the art assets they'd created in the beginning. All in all, it was a heart-warming experience, and I'm glad everyone liked it!

A write-up is available here; it records some of the design decisions and technical details into creating this experience. Please head over and have a read!