Game Projects

False Prophet -- A Firefly Adventure

Faith versus power.

Team Members: Ethan Hicks, Tiffany Li, Julian Ochoa

Role: Co-Writer, Map Design

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  • A four-episode adventure based on the Firefly Series.

  • Wrote Act 1, in which the Serenity Crew attempts to rescue a VIP from the Alliance.

  • Established and detailed the background in which the story takes place, with maps, GM notes and such.

False Prophet -- A Firefly Adventure is a semester-long project for the RPG Writing Class at Carnegie Mellon University. Each team is assigned an IP to work with. While other teams were assigned titles such as Pendragon and 7th Sea, we were given Firefly to work with.

This adventure focuses on the moral conflict of Shepherd Book, a priest character who has a mysterious connection to the Alliance, the ominous galactic superpower. Along the journey players will be met with surprises, armed combats with Huai-Dans (Chinese for bad guys) as well as decisions and moments where players will ultimately dictate how the story proceeds and ends.

Firefly was a fun world to work with! As one who had never known the series before, I had the chance to binge-watch the whole show. We also had a chance to write our own multi-episode adventure built upon the Cortex Plus system. Just like how the Serenity crew survived each complication with thrills and surprises, our adventure was also filled with breathtaking moments.