Game Projects

GalapagOS VR

"Good morning."

Team Members: Tom Garncarz, Breeanna Ebert, Owen Fox, David Gordon, Victoria Liang, Mark Mendell, Sophia Qin, Arula Ratnakar, Kathleen Ruan, Peter Sheehan, Allison Traylor, Gage Boozan

Role: Programmer, Writer, Interaction Design


  • 3 month Cardboard VR project at Carnegie Mellon University's Game Creation Society

  • Co-written a 15-minute adventure with 3 fellow writers.

  • Designed and implemented interactions using Unity.

  • Shipped! Find it on the Play Store.

GalapagOS VR is a Google Cardboard VR experience designed for mobile phones. Waking up into a space station deserted in deep space with all memories lost, your objectives are not only to find your way out, but also to reveal the true nature of this awkward, long-lost facility.

This title is a game created in the Game Creation Society at Carnegie Mellon University for the Fall 2016 semester. Originally a pitched topic from Tom, the idea only comprised the element of a space station. As we progress through development, we've managed to expand and combine it with different elements, such as artificial intelligence, the concept of machine learning, and a dystopian background as well as "breaking the 4th wall". 

I worked in the team as a programmer for most of the time, but during the early stages I was also one of the writers, and together with the story team we plotted out a general direction for the game; as a programmer, I realized many designs and pop-up ideas along the way through code and the Unity Engine. 

This game was awarded with the Second Place Award at the club's final showcase.