Game Projects

Global Thermonuclear Lawn Darts

"And we'll all go together when we go"

Team Members: Hunter "Smokey" Dyar, Ben Scott, Qiaozhi Wang, David Farina

Role: Programmer, Audio Design, Interaction Design, Cover Art

Links: GitHub


  • 8-week project in which we elaborated on the game of lawn darts.

  • Designed scoring system, art and visuals

  • Implemented VR gestures

  • Game where it all started -- learned quickly about Unity and designing for VR.

"Global Thermonuclear Lawn Darts" is created as a month-long project for the course "Research Issues in Game Development" at Carnegie Mellon University. In this assignment, each team is required to make a game that includes the concept of "Lawn Darts", a yard toy that has been long banned from the States. As lawn darts are known for its risk of physical harm, we decided to magnify this trait; eventually, we've turned lawn darts into a WMD and players have surprisingly enjoyed every moment in space bombarding their own planet.

From a programming perspective, this was my first game working with the HTC Vive, and I've learned a lot from experienced coders on our team, Qiaozhi and Ben. Besides the opportunity to work with friends from another culture I was never familiar with, what's more worthy was the chance to learn from experienced developers in the span of a semester. 


While I work in the team mainly as a programmer, I also designed the cover art for our game, as well as miscellaneous sound effects being played throughout the game.