Game Projects

Hero, RUN!

Mortal v. Deity.

Team Members: Ian Yi-Chien Chang, Marvin Jyun-Liang Yang

Role: Programmer, design lead (interaction, sound, art)

Links: GitHub


  • Asymmetrical competitive VR where one player plays in VR and the other at the screen.

  • Designed interactions, weapons, power-ups, abilities and art.

  • Implemented everything in Unity, especially shaders, interactions and multiplayer control.

"For centuries the human race has been enslaved by gods from the higher realm; under absolute power no rebellion has been ever attempted.

Legend has it that in the far North, higher above the highest mountains, hidden in the thick clouds lies an entrance to the heavens. Only through the 'Path' and by defeating the watchman, can one understand the ultimate truth of this world.

And now, a hero has arrived at the footsteps of heaven. He does not know what he will see behind those gates, but he is destined to become a legend."

A half-semester-long project for the course "Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality" in NCTU. "Hero, RUN!" is an asymmetric competitive multiplayer VR, where two players will take turns playing as a god and a mortal. As the god, you will stand high above on towers, casting magic missiles and meteorites to deter your opponent from reaching the gates to heaven; the hero, on the other hand, must at all means avoid attacks and reach your destination as fast as possible.

Taking all three producer, programmer and sound designer roles, I quickly understood that I practically had more control over our project and its production; but it also meant that I need to be extra careful of over-scoping the game's content, and be extra humble and make sure every member has an equal voice in any discussion.


For there were several teams working with a very limited amount of Vive kits, I swiftly secured a private room and brought out my own Vive kit for the team to use, so that we didn't have to wait in line for other teams to finish their work; I conducted daily meetings to keep every teammate on the same page, and come up with next steps to make sure our final deliverable can be done before due. I also offered help for my teammates whenever they had troubles with Unity and C#.

Once the gameplay has been set, it really is a straightforward process from a programmer's perspective; I designed, coded and tested most of the mechanics and systems in the game, including character movement, blast radius, teleportation etc, and I would ask my teammates to debug the game for me, which was proven to be very efficient than just fixing the problems by myself.

In the end, we were able to deliver our project with great completeness. This project was later awarded with the Best Art and Design Award in the course's final showcase.