Game Projects


Matt Damon was on Mars, but we're in Space.

Team Members: Jue Wang, Sherry Fan, Tom Du

Role: Game Designer, Sound Designer, Programmer, Writer

Links: GGJ Site


  • 2D cooperative puzzle game made at Global Game Jam, 2019 in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Designed interactions, sound and art

  • Implemented animations, menu and audio systems in Unity.

  • Wrote a short story for the game.

"Just another day working in space... except that your ship blew up, you've lost all communications, and it's just you and your colleague drifting in the dark, dark galaxy.

In space, no one can hear you scream. So no time for panic, astronaut. Work with your friend and get back to Earth safe and sound."

"Home-Bound" is a small game my friends and I made during this year's Global Game Jam (2019) at the Pittsburgh Site. Given the theme "What Does 'Home' Mean to You?", we took it and interpreted home as the place we all would feel safe and cozy. We went through a lot of brainstorming and eventually settled down on a theme that we all liked: space and Earth.

As the designer of this game, I paper-drafted the individual levels of the game, created the story and monologues, designed the core interactions and directed the production in general. While Tom worked on the implementation of the core gameplay, I worked on some implementing menus and creating soundtracks for this game.

Players loved our game! We found out that we created a highly addictive game that required a lot of cooperation and skills. We didn't get a lot of players to play our game during the event's closing showcase, because the average play time for each group of players were too long! While we were baffled by how long they took to progress, we were also glad that it was interesting enough for them to keep retrying.