Game Projects

Mind Game (PicoCTF 19)

./#wake up

Team Members: Tina Han, Magian Li, Max Hsieh

Role: Design Lead, Writer, Sound Design, Programmer


  • A game that wraps around a cybersecurity competition for high school students.

  • Designed a quest / economy system that allows players of all proficiency to enjoy the full game while retaining the competition for serious players.

  • Co-written the story and designed meta-puzzles that leads player out and back into the game.

  • Established Art and programming pipeline with artist and programmers. Coded puzzles and minigames in Unity.

  • Composed music.

  • Played by more than 50,000 worldwide.

"> Are you awake, Red?"

"Mind Game" is a semester-long project in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University's CyLab. Our mission is to deliver a game interface that wraps around picoCTF, an international middle/high school cyber-security competition. We worked closely with them and delivered a fun and captivating experience for our target demographics.

As the design lead, I laid down the cornerstone of our game's story (the fantasy), and developed the story closely with Tina. I also worked with her to establish an art pipeline by going through the art details that we'd need to tackle with tech-wise, while going through the programming details with Max to ensure our coding style didn't collide. Furthermore, I decided how the game should progress, designed the economy and laid out all the levels in our world. I designed all mini-games that upon completion, would give players the feeling of being smart and capable.

Aside from designing stuff, I was also the buildmaster and the sound designer. For the former, it means that I was in charge of the integrity of all our files on remote repositories; as a sound designer, I designed and composed all sound effects and music being listened to in the game.