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Independent Project


  • A game made for Ludum Dare 46 Compo ('Compo' : Solo)

  • A gamification of the screensaver of a DVD player!

  • With story..... and hidden elements......

PRO DVD PLAYER  is a game submission to Ludum Dare 46. The theme for this edition is "Keep It Alive". Prior to joining this event I already had a list of ideas that I wanted to try out, including making a game out of the screensaver of a DVD player. I imagined that it'd be harder than it seemed to fit the logo into the corners; that challenge itself is enough to make a short game out of it.

The game needs to also somehow go with the theme. Since the core gameplay has little to relate to "Keep It Alive", I figured that the easiest approach is to make a story out of it.

Thus the creation of PRO DVD PLAYER, an experience that presents itself as just a challenging game at first, but later on morphs into a horror experience.

Please head over to Ludum Dare and play my game! Reviews and ratings are appreciated!