Game Projects

Qi Charge

Peace and Harmony.

Team Members: Jeremy Lim, Caesar Wang, Yair Simo

Role: Programmer, aesthetics (art design)

Links: GGJ Site


  • A match-n game made with Unity during Global Game Jam 2018 in Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Designed the aesthetics and art of the game.

  • Implemented everything in the game, including match-n mechanics, post-processing effects and more.

A "match-n" game created at the Global Game Jam 2018 Taipei site. The theme for this year's GGJ is "transmission", and we imagined that the "Qi" concept (氣) that exists commonly in Asian religions is also a form of "transmission", as they deliver power and force to different parts of the body and soul; we also combined Qi with "Wu Xing" (五行), also known as the "Five Elements", and the player must find balance of the elements to reach true harmony, and therefore generate Qi to release a powerful "Kamehameha" blow.

As the main programmer, I was in charge of the entire game's implementation. From the title screen to the end-game animations, all parts that involve coding and programming was done by me. With only 48 hours of development time, it was a difficult challenge to find balance between speed and quality of programming; nevertheless, with the exceptional sound design and animations provided by teammates, we were able to bring this game out with satisfaction and proud.