Game Projects

Red Seeker (世界樹と赤の探求者)

Little Red Riding Hood runs dungeons.

Team Members: Saebashi Ukishima, Mori Yuuki, Tomohiro Murata, yakisoba, hazemi94, notargs

Role: Programmer

Links: GGJ Site


  • 2D Bullet-curtain style shooter made at Global Game Jam 2017, Tokyo.

  • Implemented Enemy Behaviour and Audio System using Unity.

  • Worked with Japanese teammates, came across language barriers.

"Red Seeker" is a bullet-curtain-style shooting game that implements the concept of "waves", the theme of GGJ 2017, on to the player's condition. The player has different status such as attack, defense, and movement speed, but these status change continuously throughout the game in a "wavy" fashion. As Akazukin (Red), your goal is to take advantage of this feature, clear as many enemies, climb as many levels as possible, and eventually achieve high-score.

This title is made at Global Game Jam 2017 at Kayabacho Tokyo. As a programmer, my job was to implement every idea we came up with along the process, and to make sure that our game worked flawlessly without bugs. Moreover, as this game was developed in Japan, I overcame language barriers that stood between me and my teammates. In the end, not only did we successfully delivered a complete game, we also became good friends and are still in touch these days.