Game Projects

Rope Man

Repairer Of Broken Cities

Team Members: Ruiming Wang, Corey Jackson, Xinjian Huang, Wes Wehner, Isaac James, Jason Butler

Role: Game Design, Programmer

Links: / GGJ Site


  • A 2D platformer in which players traverse and interact with the level using a rope.

  • Designed the initial concept and baisc interactions.

  • Implemented rope physics and repairing of fire hydrants with Unity's built-in physics components.

  • We Won the "Best In Show" Award!

"Rope Man: Repairer of Broken Cities" is a game made during Global Game Jam 2020. We started out pitching ideas and concepts that revolved around the theme "repair", and it seemed like everyone liked the straightforward concept of repairing things by piecing back parts together with ropes. We decided to go with completely physics -- which was an extra-tough challenge, given the time-limiting nature of game jams.


In the game, rope-man shoots out a rope that attaches to a broken fire hydrant. Rope-man then carries the other end of the rope and attaches it to a winch. He turns the winch and pulls the broken hydrant to its upright position.  I took some hours beforehand making small physics experiments in my own project. Then, with my understanding of the engine, I hacked my way to playable success with rigidbodies, hinge joints, fixed joints and springs. The code is indeed messy -- but Game Jam is all about the final presentation (in a sense).

It was a fun experience working with my talented and kind colleagues! I was especially fortunate to be on the same team with people that have already been in the industry for some time. While I enjoyed our talks on the game industry and their insights, I was glad that I could ask questions specifically regarding career development in this business. As I am about to graduate, the advice, along with these newfound connections, will surely come to aid in the near future.