Game Projects


This just in: Raccoons steal eggs with bombs.

Team Members: Jue Wang, Jiming Li, Chang Liu, Jing Ya Chen

Role: Programmer, Game Designer, Sound Designer


  • A 4-player competitive game in which players scare the chickens into laying eggs; whoever steals the most eggs wins.

  • Designed core gameplay, rules and interactions.

  • Implemented interactions, level manager and improved quality-of-life features through Unity.

  • Selected to be exhibited during the ETC festival 2018.

"Ever want to steal chicken without worrying the risk of getting caught? Ever wanted to throw bombs to your pleasure? Come try out this unique party game guaranteed to fulfill all your wildest imaginations.


Play as one of four adorable raccoons competing each other for chicken eggs. Guide them with the wheels on the jam-o-drum and place bombs with the center panel to scare the chickens into laying eggs. Oh wait... did I mention that you can also bomb your enemies and make them drop their eggs?


Now you know what to do... collect the most eggs, outsmart your rivals and claim the ultimate victory!"

"Squawkward" is a 4-player party game on the jam-o-drum, and a BVW Round-5 project. Players control raccoons and lay bombs to scare the chickens into laying eggs. They collect the eggs while protecting themselves by steering away from other bombs, and whoever has the most eggs at the end of the match wins. 

Unlike previous projects, I was also a "crisis" programmer on the team: a programmer that comes in only when the team is in immediate need of extra help. At the later stages of development, our team was critically behind schedule yet our programmers have already stressed out. I immediately took over the responsibility, identified the crucial features that needed implementation, and worked overnight to get the work done. 

Our work has been selected to enter the BVW festival - a final showcase where only 1/5 of all the worlds created over the semester will be able to present to the public!