Game Projects

Starve Valley

Rain cats and dogs with food.

Team Members: Minus Chien, Feather Chung, Wallace Hsieh, Marcus Wang, Caizhen Yang

Role: Game Design, Producer


  • An 8-week prototype during my internship at Akatsuki Taiwan, Inc., a mobile games studio.

  • A tower-defender with a twist of Zuma's colored ball-shooting, giving players more agency.

Starve Valley is a mobile game prototype built with colleagues during my 8 week-long internship at Akatsuki Taiwan, Inc., a mobile games studio. You (player) plays as a pet keeper trying to feed animals to stop them from running away because of starvation. While at first glance the game may seem to be an ordinary tower defender, the player must also be aware from moment to moment, as they are responsible for substituting the flavors of the food to cater to the animals' tastes.

The assignment was particularly challenging at the beginning, for the only requirement of this prototype is the theme "bringing happiness to the world". The phrase was a topic too wide for us to imagine, and so we spent a lot of time brainstorming and making prototypes.

I find this experience especially fruitful as it challenged both of my skills as a game designer and a producer: for game design, I led discussions within the team, wrote design documents, and constantly followed progress for both artists and programmers while arranged for weekly playtests to validate our design choices; during the 2nd month of my internship, I also took on the job as a producer. I scheduled weekly meetings with mentors, created Trello Boards and kept track of a burndown chart to make sure that everyone had a balanced contribution to the product.