Game Projects

The Light Within

You, the lost forest, and a destiny to uncover.

Independent Project

Voice: Rainbow Tsai

Links: GitHub


  • A pick-up exploration game made in Unity in two weeks.

  • Designed the level, art and wrote all story and dialogues.

  • Implemented everything in Unity, especially cutscenes and camera movement.

  • I used this to ask the girl I love to go out with me.

"The Light Within", or referred to as "The Low-Lit Exploration Project" during its early stages, is an independent project under the assignment request in "Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality" course taught at NCTU. 

Originally the requirements for this assignment were:

  • Implement 20 pickup items in the scene.

  • Invoke a particle effect whenever an item is retrieved.

The assignment was designed for students unfamiliar with the Unity Engine, but as one who was more experienced with the tool, I decided to take a step further and treat the project as if it were to become a playable teaser demo to be shown at game shows.

The self-established, obviously higher-than-before standards had allowed me to explore deeper into the Engine and use features that I have never heard of before. One in particular is the optimization of the scene, for there are just too much vegetation and props to be rendered along with their shadows. While the game ran somewhat smoothly on higher-end machines, the frame rate slumps to a totally unacceptable number on older models. To overcome this challenge I learned to look into occlusion culling as well as clustering objects and monitoring GPU draw calls. Eventually the game became much more playable on the tested older machines, and ran even smoother on better computers.

Moreover, I wrote a short backstory for the game, invited my friend to narrate it, and accompanied her voice with some background ambient sounds and an epic closing music. All in all, the self-challenges I've made to myself had honed my skills even further as a Unity developer.

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