Game Projects

The Propagandist

Convince the crowd. Become a leader.

Independent Project

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  • Takes place in 1920 Europe, when War has just left the continent broken and desperate.

  • Players play as "leaders" that rise from the ashes, and try gain as much "influence to the public" as possible.

  • Presents the idea "conflict" in a unique way, in which power is not measured by physical strength but political influence.

"The Propagandist" was an assignment in the Game Design class taught at the ETC. In this assignment, students were given no constraints to the product, only asking it to be polished and not look like a prototype.

I've always wanted to do something bold. Something that challenges the moral boundaries for a game designer. "What if we make a game about burning books?" I asked myself; two weeks later, The Propagandist was born.

It was hard to design, playtest and balance the game. The game started out to be too long to play, and it took me several playtest sessions, adjustments on card abilities, and a lot of paper, to get the game into a much more playable condition.

As for theming, although I knew that the game would eventually surround the idea of dictators and such, it'd be a bad idea to offend my players. Therefore, it was important for me to control the art and text at a recognizable but friendly level.

It was a fun experience making this game! I'm also thinking if this game has the potential to transform into a PC game. We don't know yet -- but we'll see!