Game Projects

Warren Turnip

A companion Discord Bot for Animal Crossing

Independent Project


  • A companion Discord Bot that helps users keep track of everyone else's turnip prices.

  • A leaderboard that shows everyone's earned profit through turnip trading

  • A special command that auto-corrects mistyped commands!

Warren Turnip is an Animal Crossing: New Horizons companion Discord bot I wrote for my friends. On every Sunday in real life, a merchant called Daisy Mae will come to your island to sell you turnips at a random price; then for the rest of the week, players may sell them back to the general store, each day at a different price. This means one may profit, while another may lose money, if chosen a poor exit time.

The catch is, players may travel to different islands and sell their turnips to their stores, which may have different prices. If only there is a centralized database that keeps track of everyone's buying prices every day...and that's how this bot is born! Since I have never written Javascript, I had to learn everything from the ground-up. I'm actually proud that I've turned this around within 12 hours!

As the list of commands start to grow, one concern gradually reveals itself: the frustration of mistyping commands. Incorrect input means extra time spent, which in turn could hurt a user's will to use the tool ever again. To mitigate that issue, I then implemented another command, "!fuck", that fixes a user's command and automatically commits it. That way, users will never need to frown upon their own mistakes again!